Affirmations or Goal Setting

What are affirmations? Do they work?

Before working on affirmations, you first ask yourself the question: “What do I want?” Do you have a crystal clear and specific image of what you want? Many people go through life without knowing clearly what they want. They also feel very sure that they don’t have it! How many people do you know that are satisfied with their life?

The way you word what you want has a great impact on achieving the wanted result. If you say “I need a new car/house..” you are giving yourself a negative affirmation because you send a message to your mind telling that you do not have a new car/house. When using affirmations you describe the wanted result as if you had it at this very moment. This way you plant an image in your subconscious mind, the image of you having the car/house. To make sure your subconscious mind knows you are talking about yourself, you make use of your name in your affirmations: “I, Tim, own a new car/house by Christmas 2007…”

If you have an affirmation for a new house, you visualize the house in all details. Every day you read and visualize the affirmations as soon as you wake up in the morning (2-3 minutes). During the day you can write your affirmations up to twenty times (5 minutes). Before going to sleep you read out loud your affirmations. In short, it takes three steps to make use of affirmations: Read the affirmations morning and evening and write one of the affirmations during the day.

How about goal setting?

When you set goals, you write them down. That way you are making a commitment to yourself. Visualise what it is like to achieve that goal. What do you see, hear, and feel? One of the topics in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) concerns goal setting.

You can imagine a line in front of you, your time line. The start of the line illustrates when you were born and the end of the line is the end of your life. Somewhere in between you can mark NOW. You can also mark where you want to achieve a specific goal. Write down the goal and in your mind you take the paper with the written goal and place it on the line. Visualise and enjoy the fantastic feeling you are going to experience when you achieve the goal. Do notice that you look at yourself as if it was a movie or photo. You then turn around and notice what actions you performed to accomplish the wanted result. Return to now and go for it!

The different methods work for different people. Personally I prefer the time line method. On many occasions I have succeeded using that technique. Whatever method we are using we feed down the information to the subconscious mind. That will spur us to move towards the goal by attracting what is needed, or take actions that will lead to the final goal result. – First dream it, and then achieve it. What a man dares to dream, he becomes. Goethe said: “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it.”

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