Brain Boosters

Here are two important steps to a great working brain:


Use it or lose it!

Would you like to maintain a fantastic memory throughout life? How? By using it to learn new skills, work with cross word puzzles, play bridge etc. That way, you keep your brain active. Here are two exercises:

Exercise one

One way of exploring how the brain works is to read the following five words:

Summer, sun, short, silly, subject.

You probably found this task very easy.

Exercise two

As quickly as possible make up a list of another five words beginning with the letter s.

You probably found that this time your brain had to work to come up with the five words. There was a big increase in brain activity when you had to create the new list.


Choose the right words!

So many people say that they have a terrible memory that they are getting old and losing their brain that their memory is like a sieve etc. STOP saying that. It is self-fulfilling prophecy! In Joseph Murphy’s book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” he writes about a seventy-five years old woman who had problems with her memory. Each time she forgot something she said to herself, that she was losing her memory because of age. As a result of this autosuggestion, more and more names and events slipped her mind. She then decided to stop saying that she was losing her memory. Several times a day she said: “From today onward, my memory is improving in every way. I will always remember whatever I need to know at every moment of time and point of space. Whatever I want to recall will immediately present itself in the correct form in my mind. I am improving rapidly every day. Very soon my memory will be better than it has ever been before.” – At the end of three weeks, her memory was back to normal.

A dear old friend of mine always said; “In our family we don’t grow old. We LIVE long!” May you live long with an excellent working brain!

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