Brain Food

Are you losing your memory? Is your brain not working as it used to? What can you do about it? People are often anxious about age and brain. Even young people express that they have a bad memory. The good news is that the brain is a growing organ and that its capability depends on how we nourish it.

What diet may save my brain?

The 5 keys to a healthy brain:

  • Eat non-processed food.
  • Choose a low-fat diet.
  • Keep up the blood sugar level.
  • Choose a balanced diet.
  • Take supplements.

Several times I have come across the importance of lecithin which forms part of cells including the brain. You can get it everywhere. Add it to your cereal or yogurt. You can also eat the granules as they are. Chromium is a mineral that increases insulin efficiency and helps with the blood sugar level. Some people use chromium as part of releasing weight as it helps to control the appetite by stabilising the blood sugar. It works as an ‘anti-aging’ helper. You may also have heard about Ginkgo Biloba as a brain booster.

Make sure you have a regular intake of food in order to keep up the level of blood sugar. Have healthy snacks between main meals to keep up the energy. If you daily eat vegetables, grains, and fruits, you not only help your brain, you also decrease your risk of getting cancer and heart disease.

If you want to have more information about saving your brain, I can recommend Dharma Singh Khalsa’s book “Brain Longevity” in which he writes:

“Eat your vegetables, take your vitamins, don’t skip breakfast, don’t live on sweets, and don’t eat like a pig.”

I wish you many, many years with a very healthy brain! Remember: The best way to predict your future is to create it.

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