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Make it Happen

Are you the owner of some New Year’s resolutions? Some people are professional New Year’s resolutionists. They intend to reach certain goals, and it never happens. Have you ever experienced setting up a goal only to find that a month or two later you hadn’t really done much about it? Perhaps you lost your motivation […]

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Your Terrific Year

A lot of people set out full of good intention on New Year’s Day. But then the rest of your life takes over: The work on your desk piles up, the family keeps on growing and changing and needing more of you. What happened to your goals? Is it hard to stick to your plans? […]

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Affirmations or Goal Setting

What are affirmations? Do they work? Before working on affirmations, you first ask yourself the question: “What do I want?” Do you have a crystal clear and specific image of what you want? Many people go through life without knowing clearly what they want. They also feel very sure that they don’t have it! How […]

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