Different Shoes


You probably have different shoes for different purposes. Some of them are great for jogging, others are useful for dancing. When you get up in the morning, imagine straightaway what sort of shoes you want to step into today. Is it the “enthusiasm” shoes, or is it the ones you use for “confidence”, “energy”, or “positive-thoughts-only”?

You are as you think you are. How you think decides how you behave. How you behave decides how other people respond to you. We get the treatment we think we deserve. People who are successful have one characteristic in common: They are full of enthusiasm. How can we get into a state of being enthusiastic? Simply by thinking enthusiasm and you will be enthusiastic.

When you wake up, decide what you want to focus on today. You could also decide it just before you go to sleep at night. In your thoughts you may run through what the needs are for the day tomorrow. You may need confidence because you are going to present a topic at a meeting.

One day I decided to think positive thoughts only and that everything would turn out wonderfully. The first thing to focus on was to get a parking spot at the station, as I had to take the train to go to work. I just sat there smiling in my car visualising how my favourite spot was free and waiting for me. Guess what? IT WAS! The rest of the day I was filled with energy and had a lot of fun. Many things that may have been considered to be problems just smoothly turned out to be no problems at all – or they were solved.

You are what you think you are, and you get what you focus on. It is unfortunately so common to concentrate on negative thoughts and how things can go wrong. You may need to practice putting on the different shoes. Think about pilots that are using simulators to learn how to master flying a plane. They practice and eventually they perform it in real life. Our subconscious mind works the same way. Keep imagining something and it will happen, or put on the shoes you want and imagine you are a very energetic and confident person, and it will happen.

If you want to check whether you use a lot of negative or positive words, you can record yourself when you for example are talking on the phone. That will give you a good picture of what you focus on most of the time.

I am wondering what you may choose today? Whatever it is, enjoy it and have a lot of fun. Remember that today never comes again so you might as well get as much out of it as possible.

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