End of the Day Feelings

How do you feel at the end of a day? Relaxed and content because you managed to do a lot? Or, do you experience tiredness and the feeling of having done almost nothing although you have worked very hard all day? Wouldn’t it be nice to end the working day with a content smile and feeling good because you can give the most urgent jobs of the day a tick? How do you do that?

First of all, you need to have a place to make the “tick” (that way you see and feel that you have done something). First thing at the start of your day is to make a plan. Write down the jobs that need to be done. You then give the three top important jobs a number. At the end of the day you tick those three tasks. The remaining jobs that you didn’t manage to do that day can then be added to the plan for the next day. It might be better for you to make your plans at the end of a day. You are then ready to start your tasks straight away in the morning. Put timing on your plan. You may be surprised about how long time we spend on different things. After a while you will be very good at estimating the timing of things to be done.

A special tip for you: Leave 40% of the time for unplanned events and interruptions!!

Enjoy making the ticks for jobs you have done, knowing that you managed what was important. You can now feel good about your input and you certainly deserve to give yourself a pat on the shoulder.

You may have heard of a healthy way to end a day. People who chose to focus on five great things that had happened during the day go to sleep in a relaxed and good mood. It does not have to be “big” events. It can just be a call from a dear friend, a nice smile from a person on the train, the fragrance of a flower etc. Upon awakening in the morning, start the new day focusing on perhaps the five things from last night – or something you look forward to. You may look forward to tick the next three important things to do that day.

A lot of time is wasted because of the inability to act, especially if you are faced with two things that are of equal importance. One way of solving that problem could for example be to toss a coin and let the result of that decide which task to deal with first. If you are in a meeting and two important events need to be dealt with, you simply divide the time available between the two of them. That way you make the participants content because attendance was paid equally to both lots of people.

If you are working on a very big project, make sure you divide it into digestible chunks. When you do so you know where you are on your plan. You will then be able to feel good and in control. By writing down your plan on paper or computer you get it out of your head.

To feel great about the jobs to perform during a day, avoid “I must” statements. Instead, remember you always have a choice, so you can say to yourself that you CHOOSE to do the task. Choose to enjoy the journey from start to finish of any work and to celebrate either alone or with others when you have finished tasks. I am wondering how much pleasure you will get from all your future ticks.

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