Fit and Slim

At the start of a new year many people decide that they want to release weight. However, the good intention very often works for a while and that is it. What do the people do that are slim and keep staying slim? Well, being slim is a way of being. It is a way of living. Fit people are better at using fat than fat people who are better at storing fat. When we put on weight we are not eating enough of the right food and our activity pattern is not causing us to burn enough calories.

The many diets we read about are not working very well. While we are on a diet and hungry all day, the fat cells experience the hunger as a crisis situation and believe we have landed on a lonely island with no food and drink. They start to fight for survival.

The more the fat cells “hunger”, the better they become to hold on to the fat. They also get very good at absorbing fat from food. When people return to their usual food, the fat cells behave as a dry sponge you dip in water. They suck aggressively the fat. For every diet the fat cells get better at this. That is why many do not maintain the weight loss – many end up weighing more!

You may ask yourself, “What triggers me to eat too much, or to choose the “wrong” food? Get “weight” out of your mind. Change the way you think about food. Ask yourself the following questions:

What do I really want? What will this food do for me? Does it enhance my life? How will I feel when I have eaten this food? Will it make me happy to carry it around my waist the rest of my life?

Visualise how you would look and feel if you had the desired weight. There are many tricks you can use to support healthy eating patterns. Before you eat, ask yourself if you are hungry. If not, activate yourself with something that occupies you and make you forget about the food. One of my friends went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth.

Slim people are active people. They make exercises fun and enjoyable. They have changed their thoughts from doubt (I hope, I try, I might etc.) to “I am totally responsible.” If we blame others for being overweight, we give away the power to make the change. Another friend of mine blamed his wife for his overweight saying that she was to blame because she baked too nice cakes and he had to eat it.

Winston Curchill once said, “Whenever I get the urge to exercise, I lie down and it goes away!” I do not recommend that strategy. Get up and do something! I have a series of six exercises, one minute per exercise that I can perform while watching TV. We can always find six minutes! If we do not exercise and release weight, the body will just shrink. Doing exercises make the body look fit and gives it a great shape.

Working out does more than just burn calories, it gives us “after burn”, which means that it boosts metabolism so that we will be using up more calories for hours AFTER finishing the workout. We often go for a short walk after our evening meal.

Many people are not aware of the many calories in some of the drinks they consume. Coca Cola and Fanta contains more than ten teaspoons of sugar per glass. If you drink a lot, that means your intake of calories is far too big compared to what you burn. Choose diet drinks and food with fewer calories. There are many books around telling how many calories there are in different foods.

Keep your end-result in mind, and enjoy the journey to your desired weight. Maintain it by always eating slowly, stop eating before you are full, eat often to keep up the energy level, and do some kind of exercise every day.

If you do what you have always done, you get what you have always got!

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