What guides your life and future?

You may not realise how often you ask yourself questions. Perhaps you are constantly doing it. You may for example ask: Where is my future life? What should I have for lunch? How can I get out of this situation? The start of every action is a thought. That is the reason for the importance of the quality of your questions. Do you usually ask yourself negative questions such as “Why do I always get it wrong?” etc. – If you have that habit you can change it to ask inspiring and uplifting questions.

One of the most important questions to use for you to get what you want is to spend the time on what really matters. Several times throughout the day ask yourself: “What is the best use of my time right now? Is this action going to move me towards my goal? – This question is almost critical because it makes you return to actions that will move you towards fulfilling the steps to reach your goal.

Today we are all so busy with all the gadgets we have. By asking the above question you will force yourself to go back to doing what is most important right now. When we are sitting at a computer looking up things we can so easily get carried away because there is so much interesting information.

A picture is worth a thousand words! So what about guiding your future to be exactly as you want it? Write down what you want to achieve and place the message everywhere so you bombard your unconscious mind with your goals. You may place it next to your toothbrush, on the mirror, in your purse etc. – We get what we focus on so the more you focus on your wanted outcome and results, the stronger you grow and you get more energy to perform what is needed.

Aim high! What about multiply by for example ten. Instead of focusing on low income, – ask yourself: “How can I earn ten times more?” When you start thinking this way many ideas will arrive because you then have the antennas out. I have experienced it myself. I wanted more business and completely focused on “more” instead of “less”. Shortly after more work showed up on my plate.

How would it be possible to achieve a much higher income? What do you need to learn? What kind of person would you need to become? Do you need training in presenting? Do you need to find a business partner, or should you start your own company? Sit down and brainstorm what you can do to achieve what is really important to you. Then make a plan, set goals and bit by bit get there! Remember to enjoy and have fun on your way to the final success date. Then remember to celebrate.

What is the best use of your time right now?

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