If you look around for definitions on happiness, you get many different versions. Everybody wants to be happy and search for happiness. Here are some expressions about happiness: Happiness is the feeling you are feeling when you want to keep on feeling it (H. Fosdick). Elbert Hubbard says that happiness is a habit – cultivate it.

Someone once said to me that if a person was unhappy it was because he did not know he was happy.

Books often refer to the result of three different sport teams: The first team did not practice, the second team practiced physically, and the third team practiced visually. Of course the first team did not improve, but the outcome of the other two teams was very interesting. The improvement was almost the same. This shows that our mind is very powerful. How can we apply this knowledge to happiness?

Siimon Reynolds has written the book “Become HAPPY in eight minutes” in which he gives guidelines about what can be done to access happiness. We can ask the brain to help us getting into a happy mood. When we are stressed, the breathing is short and shallow. When we are relaxed and happy, the breath is long and deep. We could make use of the fact that the mood changes the breathing. We can work backwards. If we experienced unhappy and stressful moods, it is reflected in the breathing. When we change the breathing, we change the mood.

Recently I had an incredible experience with my brother and husband. We were sitting talking and my brother turned a question around in such a fun way that we started laughing. Whenever we tried to say the question again, we just burst into laughter. It lasted for about forty five minutes! At the end I said to myself that this was too good not to keep it. I managed to take a video clip of the two laughing men. Whenever we see it, we just laugh again. Just by visualising the video in the mind, the feeling is there.

The first thing to do to change your bad mood is to focus on the breathing. Take deep breaths and relax. Pretend you are watching yourself in a movie where you are on top of the world, really happy, laughing and jumping around. Make the picture really clear and bright. Focus intensely on feeling what you see on the screen. Hold on to that feeling for a couple of minutes. You have now directed the brain cells to follow what you just felt. When we feel down it is because we told the brain to feel down, and when we feel great, it is because we told the brain to feel that way.

If one thinks that one is happy, that is enough to be happy. (Mmd De La Fayette)

Create and enjoy many happy moments!

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