How To Create Healthy Self-Esteem

How are you feeling just now? The feeling you have at this moment is a result of your previous thoughts. If your thoughts are not working for you, then just say “stop, out!” If you were at a party with a lot of dishes to choose from, you would probably leave the ones you dislike and go for what you want. You can do the same with your thoughts. You have the possibility of choosing. How do you choose to see yourself?

Avoid personal downfall

Healthy self-esteem is the capacity to experience self-love and joy whether or not you are successful at any point in your life. If we have a poor self-image it can change a trivial mistake – or something we have performed in a non-successful way – into a tremendous symbol of personal downfall.

Sometimes it seems as if someone achieves success all at once. If you check the past of people who seemed to arrive at the top very quickly, you will find that a lot of solid ground-work had taken place prior to the top result. You are who you are as a result of past experiences which result in your present self-image. Self-talk is the way we build or change how we think about ourselves.

Healthy Self-Esteem Is Created In The Mind

In a family where the children have experienced the same awful background and upbringing, some of the children turn out to be very successful and happy while others carry the emotional scars for the rest of their lives. The difference in the achievements – or lack of – happened because the children thought differently. The thoughts produced different self-images which again generated the differences in their lives. Self-image determines how we perform. You may often have heard people say, “This is who I am”. This thinking method is tragic. It causes the person to focus on “who I am is who I must stay”.

The Power To Change Your Thoughts

The self-image can be changed if wanted. Those people who put together a success image will do all the things necessary to be successful. If you want to change your life you must change your thinking. How would you describe yourself? Change your self-talk if you want to become a new and different person. How can you find that self-confident person you would like to become? The journey to find that person within yourself starts with a little believing and a little realistic positive thinking. None of us is perfect. A confident self-image do not come from trying to tell yourself you are perfect because you know that it is not so. Everyone is skilled at finding faults. Start concentrating on your assets, your plusses. It does not mean that you need to go around and bless everyone or to become a Pollyanna.

Lift Your Spirit To Healthy Self-Esteem

You have a choice. You can maximise the picture of your assets or focus on your faults. If you don’t think well of yourself, no other person will. If you little by little project a positive image of yourself in your own mind, you will become more like that image. Remember, you get what you focus on. A good start would be to have a booklet into which you at the end of the day write down all the great things that you did that day. Any time you feel down, grab that booklet and lift your spirit.

It is so important to love one self. How to get to that point? Well, one method is to stand in front of the mirror in the bathroom before going to bed. Look into your own eye and tell yourself about all the good things you did that day. Then look carefully and silently into your own eyes and say, “I love you.” Keep looking into your own eyes for a few seconds. You are then ready to go to bed. At the beginning you may feel awkward when performing this exercise. After a while you will find that the negative self talk stops. Your self-esteem will grow stronger every day if you choose to focus on loving yourself and the good things you have achieved.

It is a funny thing about life, if you refuse to accept anything but the very best you very often get it. (W. Somerset Maugham)

As you think so you are, As you imagine so you become.

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