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Are you the owner of some New Year’s resolutions? Some people are professional New Year’s resolutionists. They intend to reach certain goals, and it never happens. Have you ever experienced setting up a goal only to find that a month or two later you hadn’t really done much about it? Perhaps you lost your motivation for it?

You may have decided to change some habits. When you have decided what you want instead of an old, bad habit, do you then see yourself performing that new habit? We base what we think we can achieve on how we see our self. If we for example decide to improve our reading speed and write down the speed we want to achieve, do you then see yourself reading at that speed?

Every object we look at is a manifestation of thoughts. All the results you have experienced up until now is the outcome of the thinking that has taken place in your mind. Your body will produce actions in harmony with the images that are held within the subconscious mind.

If we set a goal and we at the same time express that we cannot see our self doing it, we actually delete the goal setting. A goal also needs to be in harmony with our highest values. It needs to be of great importance to you which will cause you to be motivated and will move you in the right direction.

Goal setting is about bringing unclear ideas into crystal clear pictures that your mind can see as real. The subconscious mind just does as it is told, whether it is true or not. It does not judge, it just accepts whatever we feed it. Be aware of your dominant thoughts because that is what you will attract. Increase the amount of times in which you see your goal in your mind. The power of visualising your goals will decide how fast you will achieve your wanted result. It has a great impact on your subconscious mind. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

I have personally experienced how the above information works for me. A couple of years ago I had an important goal I wanted to achieve. I used a lot of visualisation which caused me to do the actions that would bring about the change (I often didn’t feel like doing it – but somehow there was a drive that made me do it). – As it worked so great, I have tested it on another problem, and the same happened. I felt an urge to perform actions that would quickly bring me closer to my wanted outcome. It is fantastic!

The reason for not having reached goals earlier in life could be that you have not allowed yourself to attract it. You may have doubted that you really were able to succeed. Doubt sends out a negative vibration which is cancelling the positive vibration of your goal. An example of doubt or limiting belief: A person wants to write a book. The person also says, “I cannot because I don’t have a degree”. If you hear yourself saying the word “because” in connection with your goal setting, you have found out what your limiting belief is and what prevents you from allowing the achievement to happen. Stop that! Tell yourself you from now on focus on the end result and allow it to happen. Feed your dreams and send away your doubts = make it happen. Happy New Year!

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