No Worries

One day when I was having a haircut, I noticed how one of the hairdressers constantly used the words “no worries” when she spoke to the customers. What a great saying! I just thought about how much time I have wasted in my life by worrying about things that never took place. One example of unnecessary worry happened after my family and I had migrated to Australia from Denmark. Our first house in Australia was too small and we were looking forward to buy a bigger house. On walks around in the neighbourhood we had seen a house we liked very much.

One day there was a FOR SALE sign outside this house. We went to the auction and ended up buying it. A short time after we sold our first house. Unfortunately, the sale fell through. There we were with two mortgaged houses! Gee, I worried! We had to have a bridging loan and the bank started to call rather often asking, if we had sold the house?

Finally, after about three months the house was sold, and an unexpected prize enabled us to pay off the loan. Really, what a waste of negative feelings and moods! It reminds me of a sign at the roadside where it said, “WORRY IS A WASTE OF ENERGY!”

To start dealing with your worries, write down all your worries on a piece of paper and place it in an envelope, and hide it somewhere. Leave it there for a week and do not worry about your worries until you take out the envelope and decide to solve the worries in one of these three suggestions: 1) Cancel the worry once and for all, or 2) Do not do anything about it until a week from now, or 3) take action.

Here is another solution to stop worrying about something you cannot control. Close your eyes and imagine a big balloon above your head. Inside the balloon is your worry. Imagine how you let go of the balloon and follow it moving towards the sky. Just let go!

What about starting getting rid of worries two days of each week? Decide to be free of worry on two special days, namely yesterday and tomorrow. That leaves you with no worry except today. What do you intend to do with it today? Do you fill it with fears and worries, or do you choose to pack it with positive thoughts only? Remember, this day never comes back.

On my bedside table I often put a message to myself which I have placed so that it is the very first thing I see when I get out of bed: “Today I focus on positive thoughts only!” If negative thoughts slip in during the day, I relax about it and quickly send them away by saying, “wrong address, not for me”.

A long time ago I read an article about all the good things the widow wrote down about her husband who unexpectedly had passed away. She felt very sad because she never got around to tell him. She often picked on him and focused on all the things she did not like. When he no longer was there, she had completely put the disapprovals aside. Wouldn’t it be better if she had focused on all the good things and had had a great time and had told him while he was there? Life is stressful, if we allow it to be so. NOW is the only time we have and the only time we can control. Worry is the anxiety over events that might never happen! Mark Twain once said, “I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.”

I like the sound of the hairdresser’s voice and keep it in mind, “NO WORRIES!”

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