Very often people complain about feeling overwhelmed. You get what you focus on. Wherever you put your attention, results will follow. If you focus on being overwhelmed you will get more of it. How can you direct the focus to change from feeling overloaded to a great feeling of peace of mind?

Perhaps it is a good idea to start thinking about “now”. To calm down, you can allow yourself to be aware of the present moment. Quiet your inner chatterbox and pay attention to your senses. Someone gave me this quote:

“The only way to live is to accept each moment as an unrepeatable miracle, which is exactly what it is, a miracle and unrepeatable.”

The only state we can influence is the present, the now. The people who are very calm and relaxed about their lives are those who have learned to live in the present. This state is easy to achieve. We can learn how to from children.

What about making inner peace your goal? It does not mean that you will go around and constantly being “peaceful”. It just means that you always have peace as your goal. Imagine a stop sign turning up just in front of you with the inscription “PEACE”. By doing that, you change your focus from whatever makes you feel overloaded, angry or frustrated to allow yourself peace of mind. If you start to live with inner peace as your goal, you will experience more and more peace in every situation. It may become your nice new habit. Your blood pressure and state of health may like it very much.

When we look at the people who have achieved the professional status you admire, you will often see a relaxed person. They stay calm when they work under pressure. You can learn to become calm at will and that will get you through each day feeling useful and in control. How do you do it? Use the above stop sign with the word PEACE. The very first thing to do to become calm is to decide that you are going to become calm. Do that for just one minute and calmly continue with your tasks.

If we immerse ourselves completely in the task at hand and achieve the wanted result, the task almost turns into meditation in itself. Watch how children live every moment for the pleasure of that moment. Observe how they become fully engrossed in for example a pattern on a carpet. Have you noticed how calm children are when they are absorbed in something? To acquire the same calm, you just have to focus on living each moment to the fullest.

Whenever you are driving, eating or playing tennis, if your concentration is focused on what you are doing at that moment, you will becom calm. Some people find it hard to relax. They often focus a lot on “worries”. In that case the tool will be to pretend that there is not a worry in the world. Keep pretending that for ten minutes and enjoy the result.

In a Danish magazine I read this: “To do nothing is very difficult because one never knows when one has finished!” – Recently I bought a card with these words: “How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterwards.” Enjoy your calmness!

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