Questions and Thoughts

You may many times have heard that you can bring about the best in your life by thinking and focusing on what makes you happy. An old saying “As a man thinks, so he is” is very true.

You may not have focused on the importance of questions and how the quality of the questions you choose to ask influence the quality of your life. When things are not working out the way you expect it to do, do you ask yourself “Why does this happen to me?” This is what we could call a negative question. By asking the above question you focus on the problem, the negative side of it.

What can we do to change it? We can ask positive questions by saying for example, “How can I solve it? What is the best way to overcome the problem?” When you ask positive questions of yourself and others, you ask for the best answers.

It is also important to know the difference of open and closed questions. When we ask closed questions, we get a short no or yes. When we ask open questions, we have a communication. A person may ask “Do you have any questions?” The answer could be a yes or a no. If it is an open question, such as “What question do you have?” the other person starts thinking about what question to ask. The reaction is completely different.

Many people are afraid of losing their job. They know their company has planned to cut down on the number of employees. The only way to cope with this situation is to ask the question “What is the best thing I can do under these conditions?” When you experience negative thoughts, do not be judgmental. Instead ask the question “What is causing this? What is the best thing I can do to solve it?” That way you overcome negative thinking and focus on solutions.

We can consciously choose to access the power of the mind and direct it to the best possible way of thinking. If you are not sure you are on the right track, just ask yourself: “What is the best thing I can do right now?” Do you take full responsibility for your life, or do you blame others in your thinking? You may like to know, that if we blame others, we give away the power to make a change.

The French psychotherapist Emile Coue (1857-1926) was very successful in helping individuals avoid sickness and to improve health. He would ask people to repeat phrases such as “Day by day in every way I am getting better and better.” When repeating the positive words, the thoughts find their way to our mind. We can create great thought habits; we can also create bad thought habits.

When asking people “How are you today?” we often hear the answer “Not too bad”. The word “bad” will be sent to our mind. Wouldn’t it be better to answer “Terrific!” and our thinking will be directed towards the feelings we experience when things are terrific.

May you have lots of positive questions, terrific thoughts and a wonderful Christmas!

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