Rich or Poor

Many people who want to become rich lose out because their thoughts focus on being poor. In the morning they may start the new day with the thought that they wish they were not poor. That way the dominant thought is focused on being poor, although the person saying or thinking it means that he or she wants to be rich. When we focus on not being poor, the dominant thought is poor. People who want to reduce their weight often focus on being overweight.

Remember: We get what we focus on! We cannot move away from being unhappy, we can only move toward being happy. We cannot move away from being overweight, we can only move toward being slim. If a person wants to move toward being rich, the thoughts should focus on rich: Talk and think as if you were a rich person. The newspaper Sydney Morning Herald has displayed a photo of a model ready to go on stage and perform the catwalk. A big sign made the models focus on thinking rich and elegant etc.

Many people are often tense, stressed and unhappy. They have got into the habit of thinking so. As we are in charge of our thoughts, we can change them through visualisation and affirmations.

Jack Collis describes in his book “Yes you can” how a sixteen-year-old school boy named Keith helped his parents with milk delivery every morning and afternoon to customers. The owner of a cycle shop in the town started a bike racing club. To create interest in the new club a leading bike rider was invited to the town to give an exhibition of bike riding. The bike rider was a champion and his performance was incredible. Keith, the school boy, enjoyed the presentation so much that he decided to become a bike racer champion. From now on Keith added training to his heavy schedule. Finally the competition day arrived. Keith had given everything he had to his commitment and he won. He used dominant thinking all the time and achieved the wanted result.

If you want to achieve a special goal, you should apply the dominant thinking. If your dream has not become your dominant thought, you probably don’t have the necessary faith and belief. We constantly talk to ourselves, so be careful about how you phrase that inner voice.

Remember, “As you think so you are, as you imagine so you become!” – Dr Wayne Dyer writes in his book “Real Magic”: “There is a magic in believing that transcends logic. Prosperity in all things, including money; flow from thought pictures. Yes, I am saying that we can actually affect the physical world and all of the circumstances of our lives by the way we use our minds.”

Enjoy thinking the right thoughts and get the results you focus on!

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