Many people are worried about their memory. I have heard a lot of people saying, that they have a terrible memory, that they cannot remember anything etc.

Be careful about what you are telling yourself for it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Tell yourself you have a great memory! We don’t have a bad memory, we have an untrained or a trained memory. How can you train your memory? Ask for any of our services, or read some of the books on that topic.

People have had fantastic results when they apply the skills they have learnt from us. One person was panicking about two exam topics and told Hanne she feared failing those exams. Hanne then showed the student how to make Mind Maps, how to daily chunk the amount to prepare. Hanne also told the student how to prepare the mind for success result. – Two months later the student could tell Hanne, that she had achieved two distinctions in the two topics she had feared to fail.

In our Mind Map workshops people learn how to learn a speech by heart. First they make notes of the speech in a Mind Map. They are then shown the technique for learning it by heart. Each class participant then gives the speech to the person next to him or her after giving the listener the Mind Map of the speech. People are amazed about the results of this exercise.

There are many, many different ways to improve memory. A lot of them are practiced in our workshops. Each individual person can then choose the method that suits him or her best. Remembering names is a skill people always want to work on. There are several methods we can choose from when we want to be able to retrieve a name. The secret is how to put it into your memory bank! This topic is also covered in Hanne’s Magic Memory book.