Mind Mapping

What is Mind Mapping?

It is a special note-taking technique developed by Tony Buzan. He studied people who performed very well. He compared them with other persons who had thoroughly prepared for exams but achieved much lower scores. The difference was the way they took notes. Tony Buzan then developed the Mind Mapping Technique. Many schools are teaching this method to the students.

What does a Mind Map look like?

Here is an example of a Mind Maps used for a sales meeting:

example mind map

Why Mind Maps?

Mind Maps use both sides of the brain. Linear notes make use of the left side of the brain. If you use Mind Maps you use both sides of the brain. Why drive around with a half-power motor when you can double your motor power by using Mind Maps?

When to use Mind Maps?

Mind Maps are great for any planning, for phone calls, lectures, speeches, exams, meetings, problem solving, and brainstorming.

How to learn a Mind Map by heart

In Hanne’s book Magic Memory you can follow the steps showing how to learn the Mind Map by heart. You can also see it demonstrated on our videotape about Mind Maps.