Private Consultations

JBC Pty Ltd has helped many people with all sorts of problems. One client came because of strong anger feelings. In less than an hour the cause was diagnosed and the tool to let go of unwanted feelings was used to make the difference for that person. We have later followed up and heard it is still working.

Another client came with a health problem. Loud noises were coming from the stomach. After the intervention the noises stopped immediately. The person even seemed to have forgotten all about it, and spoke of completely different things when we had finished.

Fear of flying an aeroplane was eliminated in the airport in a couple of minutes. Now, after two years, the person is still telling with laughter that she used to be afraid of flying.

A person had not slept properly for a very long time, was afraid of losing job due to performing badly as concentration was terrible because of almost no sleep. The skin in the head was very red. This client talked about taking time off and try something else. Just a short talk and advices about how to change the mind and how to feel better proved to be all that was needed. – Two months later the same person arrived to another course with us and came up to the presenter and said hello. What change! The skin was looking very healthy and normal, the client smiled and told how performance at work was excellent and that there was no need to go anywhere now.

One of our students in the NLP Practitioner course had never finished a course. On the third course day the student told that now it came again: the urge to leave the course. We said, we better handle it straightaway. It turned out that a belief change had to take place. The student finished the course and is now an enthusiastic certified NLP Practitioner.

A client had always had a bad relationship with the father. NLP techniques were used. The client went overseas to visit the father. Son and father had the best time together ever!

Do not hesitate to let us help us with any problem you may have. It is at our heart to help people find happiness and harmony in life!