Shift your Feelings

Are you feeling bad or are you feeling good? The feeling you have just now is a result of your previous thoughts. Some people seem to constantly be in balance and harmony. How do they do it? They are very confident about staying in a good mood and will use words that support them. They may for example say: “I intend to create this and I know it will be as I intend it to be.”

People taking charge of their feelings are very careful about directing their thoughts towards what they want. They know that what we focus on we bring about. If a person is very nervous about making a presentation the thoughts may strongly be concerning the performance of a nervous presenter and that is what they will experience. How can it be changed? Keep your thoughts on what you want to do or create.

People who come across as being in control and harmony know that feeling bad is a choice. If they start to feel bad they know it is a message to change their direction of thoughts – if they want to feel different. They will simply tell themselves that they want to feel good and direct their attention to what makes them feel better.

For example, if you are feeling irritated or stressed, you can choose to change your state by asking yourself: “Do I want to stay with these thoughts that generate this unwanted feeling, or do I start to activate thoughts that make me feel better? – What thought will make me feel good?” If you find it is a bit difficult to change, you can think of situations where you have felt on top of the world and gradually slide into that emotion.

We cannot control what thoughts pop into our mind but we can decide how long we want to focus on our thoughts. Remember, you cannot feel good and bad at the same time. You can train your thoughts to shift to the thoughts that provide you with the kinds of feelings you want in your life.

Recently I was walking with my husband and we talked about something that had worked out differently to what we had planned. It was just a minor event but I said I felt irritated about it and wanted to let go of that feeling. He said he had heard about how feelings move. He asked me where I felt the feeling in my body, and I answered that. He then asked me in what direction the feeling was moving. I said it didn’t move.

He told me that feelings were always moving, so I could just place arrows on the feeling and tell him in which direction the feeling moved. I was now able to find the direction. I felt pointy nails sticking out (irritation) and they moved outwards. I was told to make them spin in the opposite direction. Incredible! The feeling changed and I could no longer bring the irritation back.

There are other easy methods available such as just asking yourself: “Do I want this feeling? Is it good for me and my energy?” – What would I like to feel instead?” You then describe the replacement and focus on that. If you are in a hurry and quickly want to behave and feel in a certain way, just pretend to be just like that. “Fake it until you make it” is another tool to shift feelings. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.

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