The Power of Expectations

You get what you focus on. You attract what you expect, so what are you expecting to attract in this moment? What are your dominating thoughts? What do you choose to focus on? Notice the word choose, because we do have a choice. We cannot choose the weather, but we can choose how we react to it.

Recently there was an article in Sydney Morning Herald (February 15) about a little boy, Ben, who lost his eyes when he was three years old. The mother wanted to cry when the boy woke up after the operation and said that he could not see her any more. The mother decided to be strong, took his hand and held it to the face and said that he could still see her with his hands, with his nose he could smell and with his ears he could hear her. The mother made the decision that she would treat the boy as the other four kids.

The result was amazing. The boy taught himself the same system as bats and dolphins use to see with their ears. When driving in a car Ben could tell by the sounds what they were passing. Ben was raised as a normal kid. For a short while he was placed at a school for blind kids, but he called his mum and said that he did not belong there as the place was full of blind people living limited lives. The mother’s expectations caused Ben to live a normal life.

What do you expect from life? When you are travelling for many hours, do you expect to be very tired at the end of the journey, or do you expect to be fresh and excited when you arrive at the destination? You get what you expect! I tested it out some time ago when I after many hours flight finally landed and felt so fresh that I was able to visit friends straight away and have a wonderful time with them. Before the start of the trip, I chose to feel great and energetic. It worked.

Several times I have read about people achieving what they expect. It had slipped my mind in the morning when I drive to the station and need to find a parking spot for the car. The street where I usually park is sometimes full. I then remembered the importance of expectations and visualised that one of my two favourite spots would be available to me. I couldn’t believe it! BOTH spots were empty! Since then I have remembered to see myself happily park in my favourite spot, and it has now occurred five times in a row.

What about the perfect weight? Focus on a picture in your mind of having the perfect weight or look at pictures of a body you would want to have. Feel good about yourself. If you feel bad about yourself then you attract feeling bad about your body. When we focus on overweight, then that is what we get. Choose ‘thin’ thoughts, thoughts about achieving and enjoying your perfect weight.

Are you happy with the mood you have chosen? We create our lives by the choices we make. If you are feeling down, start singing or listen to your favourite music. You can also think of a person you are very fond of. Dwell on the thought that makes you feel really good and send away any other thought. Focus on good thoughts as it is impossible to feel bad when you think enjoyable thoughts.

A great way of enforcing this is to finish each day focusing on 5 nice things that made you happy that day. Start a new day the same way and enjoy a lot of feeling-good thoughts.

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