Vision Maps

Several times within the last year I have come across the words “Vision Maps” and “Vision Boards”. What is it? It is simply an image or a picture of something you want. It is often used in connection with goals. If for example one of your goals is to own a special car model you could go to the car dealer and ask one of the salespersons to take a picture of you sitting behind the wheel. You then stick it onto your “Vision Board” or into a scrapbook. One of my dreams is to visit Paris, so I will cut out a photo or picture of the Eiffel Tower and glue that onto a page in my scrapbook.

The co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” Jack Canfield writes about John Assaraf who in 1995 created a vision board and put it up in his office. Five years later he moved into his new home in California. He was sitting in his office when his son Keenan came in and sat on a couple of boxes that had been in storage for four years. Keenan wanted to know what was in the boxes. John opened one of the boxes to show him the content which was his vision boards. On one of the boards was a picture of the house he had just bought and was living in!

This example made me think of my beautiful kitchen. When we moved into our current house it was in need of repair almost everywhere. I had seen a photo of a special kitchen in a magazine. It was my dream and I cut out the photo and kept it. We made a list of what to do in the house. After twelve years we finally were ready to renovate the kitchen. It now looks as the photo I had kept! Perhaps even better as some adjustments had to take place.

Recently one of our grandsons had ten years birthday. He desperately wanted a very special and expensive Lego model. However, he said it was too expensive and that it was impossible to get it. I then told him to cut out the picture of it from an advertisement and put it into his scrapbook. I also told him to keep thinking that it was possible to get it and how it would feel to have it. – Something happened: He started to come up with creative ideas about how to find the money: He asked us if we would call aunts and uncles and ask them if they would contribute with money. He also asked us if we would give money towards the Lego present giving not only the birthday money but also what we intended to use for his Christmas present. He was prepared to go without present at Christmas if he could achieve his goal now. His parents also ended up being part of the present. – I will never forget the moment when he opened his dream present! He was taken aback and whispered, “I don’t believe it”.

Last week I went to an art exhibition on a school. Another grandson had made a very nice drawing of a lovely dog BEFORE it moved in with the family. It looked exactly as their new dog! -The house we now live in was on our mind for several years. We didn’t know about vision boards or maps, but we often passed by on our walks and mentally moved into the house. One day it was up for sale! We were not really ready to buy at the time, but it all worked out in the end!

When we visualise we give strong messages to our unconscious mind and we then begin to act and work towards the outcome. Visualisation is one of the strongest tools we have. I am wondering what exciting items you may like to stick into a scrapbook – and how much you will enjoy the journey and finally see it happen!

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