Your Personal Scriptwriting

A good old friend impressed me some years ago by showing me his diary into which he for years had entered information about what happened during the day. He also said something very interesting: When he was sitting down at night to think about what to enter in his journal, he would consider whether it had been a good day or a bad day. If it had been a really bad day (like hell!), – he would stay up a couple of hours until there was something good to write down.

This great friend laughs a lot and really enjoys life. He believes that you make your day and that we are able to choose the negative spiral or the positive spiral. He expressed in an interview that if you choose to go along with the positive spiral you will find that each day holds something to appreciate and to be happy about. He always says, “Every day is a good day!”

Several times people have told me about becoming your own scriptwriter. You simply script the plot you would like to live. Identify yourself as the main character. It works very well if you write it, because you then pay attention to details, other people etc. When you know you are the main character, you start getting the feeling you want to have, living the life as you want it. An old saying “fake it until you make it” might do wonders.

If you are busy you can just “write” the script in your head. I once experienced how much an actor lives the role he/she plays. A very close friend of mine was playing a main role in a play. I went along to see the play. A warm welcome hug was what I used to get when we met. Not this time! The actor WAS the person on stage when we met at the entrance. After the successful performance the actor was back to being himself – and I was hugged as usual.

What sort of person do you want to be? – What do you care about? Do what you value. Remember that life gives most to those who make the most of what life gives. Focus on what is in your control (you cannot control the weather, other people etc., but you can influence other people through your actions). When you write your script, step into your role and become a fantastic actor. Engage fully in what you are doing and pay attention to the effect of your actions. You are what you think you are.

You may for example for one day script that you the whole day will just give love and unconditional acceptance to those people you come across. Notice what happens. You may enjoy a very special day because you cannot be angry or hurt as you have no expectations. With this attitude you may find it very easy to stay calm and not allow yourself to be victimised emotionally by for example the way others choose to drive.

The scriptwriting may be of great help to you to change habits. Being unhappy is a habit, being depressed is a habit, being lazy is a habit, being cheerful is a habit etc. A sense of optimism will emerge if you focus on possibilities and look beyond the current situation. You may look at a stressful task as being an opportunity to explore new ways of doing things. May you enjoy splendid days! It is never too late if you start NOW.

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